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Be visible and stand out from competitors.

About half the shopper decisions are made directly in the store and nowadays it is crucial to know how to attract shopper’s attention and how to influence final shopper decision.

If you are looking for new way of improving you in-store performance and sales, we are here to help.

Marketing in pubs and restaurants – on trade

The HoReCa channel is a very specific channel from the marketing point of view. How to communicate in both exterior and interior the best, what to prioritize and what are the best touch points for communication? Let’s create a cosy atmosphere while still delivering our marketing messages.
What are the key areas of visitors satisfaction and how to fulfill their needs?
Let’s see what is the best solution for your outlets that will make you stand out of competitors.

Do you know: there are 3 key areas in exterior that matter the most to your guests.

Marketing in grocery stores

The pack design is the only marketing material that is read by 100% of your consumers therefore we should pay our attention to the design and pack quality. How to create such a pack and what are the shopper and consumer insights that will catch attention and get a purchase?
What are the best touch points for product placements and for our marketing communication that will maximize our sales in retail?
Great question that we will be happy to answer for you.

Do you know: the right product placement can triple your sales?

Company long-term marketing plan

Where to play, how and what to play with? These are the billion dollar questions when creating a long-term marketing plan.
Starting with market analysis, looking at the main opportunities and challenges, setting our goals and creating an activity plan that will deliver on goals. These are the steps that will lead you to success.
We are here to help creating the marketing strategic plan for future.

Do you know: marketing lead companies are the most successful in long-term view?

OBPCR how to optimize product portfolio and maximize profit

Analyse and get to know your consumer and customer so you are able to optimize your product portfolio from the O-ccasion B-rand P-ack C-hannel and R-evenue point of view. By doing so you can create an innovation funnel, right channel and pricing strategy that will deliver incremental profits to you and your customer business while satisfying consumer needs.

Do you know: any consumer has different price elasticities of a particular product? Just look at the prices of Coke in different sales channels!

Market segmentation and who are my main B2B customers

Getting to know your customers and segmenting them right  is the way to successful customer management. Are you sure you are investing into the right customers and into the right services? Are you sure you allocate the right sales force time and focus to the right customers?
We can help you to do so.

Do you know: Pareto rule can be applied to customer segmentation as well?

Merchandising rules and the perfect in-store execution

Sales execution at the point of purchase is crucial to our business success. How to set rules of the right execution, who to measure and evaluate it? How to motivate sales teams by setting the right execution targets and how to properly and transparently evaluate those targets?
These are the question we can help you with.

Do you know: new technologies can help us easily evaluate the execution quality?

Evaluation of marketing activities and what to do better and not do next time

 Those who learn from history will win the future.
This is the beauty of a proper marketing evaluation. Starting with the right targets and finishing with an evaluation based on facts and insights. Let’s see what is the impact of marketing activities and what to prioritize.

Do you know: the average incremental of a big company marketing activities can be 2-5% of total yearly sales?

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