Marketing trainings

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Our aim is to inspire and pass on knowledge and experience gained during our marketing practise mainly in the trade marketing area. We are looking for the latest knowledge in professional literature and conferences that we attend.

How to prepare long-term marketing plan

Let’s go through the whole marketing planning process so everyone is clear on the steps and the content required in order to create a solid targeted marketing plan.

Creating impactful communication at the point of purchase – POSM

How to get the shopper’s attention in 1 second while competing with thousands of marketing message in-store? We will look at the shopper insights and practise how to create an impactful point of sales communication.

Designing product packaging with shopper in mind

100% of consumers read your product packaging. That means packaging is the most important mean of communication!
Let’s see how to create shopper lead packaging that will attract shopper’s attention and trigger purchase.

Principles of brand communication in HoReCa (on-trade)

Let’s talk about specifics of marketing communication in pubs and restaurants. What are the most important benefits and touch-points that will generate more attention and sales? Do we need to focus on exterior communication? Is digital marketing or navigation useful?
Let’s talk about the consumer insights that will answer these questions.

Preparation, execution and evaluation of trade marketing activities

This training is focused on trade and shopper marketing beginners who will learn how to create a yearly activity plan, how to prepare and execute such a plan and how to monitor and evaluate individual activities and the objectives.

How to create impactful navigation at the point of purchase in retail/HoReCa

Do you know how to attract new shoppers or visitors into your outlet/pub/restaurant? Let’s look at the insights that will help us create an impactful navigation to our outlets or products in-store. It is the quality not the quantity that matters.

Creation, monitoring and evaluation of merchandising rules

How to create merchandising or execution rules that are based on shopper and customer knowledge? How to make it simple and easy to follow and measure? How to use new technologies that will track the execution quality? We will share our experience and know-how with you.

OBPCR how to optimize product portfolio and maximize profit

How to optimize your product portfolio from the O-ccasion B-rand P-ack C-hannel and R-evenue point of view. How to create an innovation funnel, right channel and pricing strategy that will deliver incremental profits? These are the billion dollar questions that will try to answer for you.

If you are looking for other topics please get in touch and see if we can help.

Syllabus and pricing will be share on request.

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